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Every film and every filmmaker is different, and the needs of a project must be determined organically.

Her approach is to start with listening.

Kathy Leichter has consulted on over 35 documentaries in all stages of production:

research and development

- production

post-production and finishing

- distribution and impact

Whether it is one hour of consultation, three hours of reviewing a cut, ten hours of impact campaign design, or twenty hours of grant-writing, Leichter is all in, and comes on board in a complete, passionate, and committed way. Having raised over two million dollars for film projects, she is experienced in grant-writing, crowd-funding, and high-level individual contributions and corporate sponsorships.

She helps filmmakers to determine their goals at any phase

and designs strategies to meet them.


Contact Leichter             for a no-charge half-hour consult to see how she can be helpful to realizing your goals.

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